Holistic Counseling and Substance Use Recovery

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Energy Medicine

$65/Session - Reiki

Reiki is a spiritual, vibrational healing practice used to promote balance, which reduces stress, promotes relaxation, clears blockages and assists in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing. Reiki is administered by "laying on hands" while "life force energy" flows through the body.

Reiki takes place while lying fully clothed in a quiet setting with soft music and dim lighting.

$65/Session - Chakra Balancing

The seven chakras are centers in our body in which energy flows through. Blocked energy in our chakras often leads to illness and emotional distress as well as slowing the healing process or preventing healing.

A chakra balancing session consist of laying fully clothed on a massage table, listening to healing music in a relaxed and nourishing environment. The following techniques take place to bring the chakra into balance.

  • Reiki on all seven chakras
  • Aroma therapy for all seven chakras
  • Chakra tuning forks on all the chakras
  • Aroma therapy for all seven chakras
  • Burning and sweeping of sage above the body