Holistic Counseling and Substance Use Recovery

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Substance Use Recovery

$65 session and Sliding Fee Scale Available.

By focusing on your assets and strengths, as well as your deficits Kristé, your Recovery Support Specialist/Recovery Coach (RSS), helps you to identify and remove obstacles blocking the path to recovery and assist you in getting your life back on track. This recovery model is about helping you rebuild your life by working with your positive attributes, resolving limitations, creating your ideal life, reaching your potential and finding the resources necessary for recovery. This recovery model is not about working on past problems, it’s about focusing on solutions.

Rather than dictating what you must do, Kristé listens closely to you and works to create a personalized step-by-step plan designed to help achieve your goals. This pro-active, constructive approach empowers you to take charge of your life and makes you an active participant in your own recovery.

Kristé helps you identify your advantages, as well as remove barriers that stand between you and your recovery. You will be assisted in connecting with community-based support and other resources deigned to help make the transition from addiction to a life free of addiction. Some resources may include; counselors, meetings, sober living, in-patient rehabilitation, free programs/services, landlord friendly housing, low income housing, shelters, job placement, education, support groups, volunteers, transportation, etc.

Kristé will help you bridge the gap between in-patient treatment institutions and aftercare support groups, which is a critical time in recovery. Sessions provide a level of accountably and personal attention to you that institutions and local community cannot always offer.

Kristé understands the types of barriers that often prevent addicts from seeking recovery assistance. Some barriers might be internal, such as low motivation to change your current behavior, or you might be experiencing emotional, mental, physical or spiritual road blocks. Other obstacles may be external such as homelessness (or a dysfunctional living environment), unemployment, lack of transportation, or social contacts within the recovery community.

Kristé will help you during moments of crisis, or minor emergencies. Examples of crisis might include; unexpected unemployment, domestic quarrels, or other stressful situation that often lead addicts to substance abuse. Many clients simply lack the skills to handle stressful situations, especially in the earlier stages of recovery. Kristé understand the “stages of change”, and will use this knowledge to engage, empower and promote your recovery.

Kristé works with you to form a plan of action or “action plan” designed to remove any barriers. Together, we will also identify and use your skills and talents as part of your plan.

Together we use a step-based action plan that encourage and empower you to release stress, lower self-esteem, and other negative thoughts and emotion.

Kristé is accountable for encouraging and empowering you to follow through with your action plan. You are held accountable with each and every step of the action plan. Your action plan is designed using steps that are realistic, measurable, and attainable.

Kristé will not give up on you due to relapse, slow progress, or other setbacks. Instead, she will practices patients, persistence, and perseverance to engage and encourage you.

Clients May Also Choose to Use SoberSytems App.

SoberSystems® is a fun and effective way to supplement your recovery experience on the device you use most - your mobile phone.

The app is designed to help people be honest, stay focused and be accountable. It is specifically designed for personal accountability.

When you use SoberSystems®, if you do not stay on your recovery track, then your friends, supports, sponsor or family, can to be notified if choose to do so. This accountability is a critical component for ongoing recovery success.

While we know how important it is to be a member of a Home Group and have a sponsor, SoberSystems™ is uniquely positioned to work in concert with both of these very important aspects of your recovery.

The SoberSystems™ App provides daily check ins, lifelines, goals, alerts, reminders, schedules, rewards and accountability.

The SoberSystems™ App provides daily check ins, lifelines, goals, alerts, reminders, schedules, rewards and accountability.